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Proceedings of the Second International Conference Psychology and Music – Interdisciplinary Encounters, Belgrade 2022

Impressum, Content, Editors’ Note

Moe Touizrar, Juan Ignacio Mendoza Garay and Marc R. Thompson. Links between Embodiment and Perceived Brightness in Orchestral Music

Geoff Luck. Age-Related Motor Speed and Music of the World’s Best-Selling Recording Artists

Ena Plakalo, Nerma Hodžić-Mulabegović and Senad Kazić. The Impact of Long-Term Playing of a Musical Instrument on the Perception of Acoustic Phenomena in Aural Skills Training

Sandra Dabić. Influence of Sound Registers on Comprehension, Memory, and Notating Music

Gulnara Minkkinen, Suvi Saarikallio, Josefiina Pajunen and Esa Ala-Ruona. Adolescents’ Music Listening for Relaxation: Subjective and Physiological Effects

Anđela Milošević and Ivana Stepanović Ilić. Reconsidering the Role of Music in Mood Regulation and Its Relationn With Age and Gender Difference in Serbian Adolescents

Gerard Breaden Madden, Steffen A. Herff, Scott W. Beveridge and Hans-Christian Jabusch. Trait-Dependent and Trait Consistent Affect Regulation in Musical Practice

Deniz Duman, Petri Toiviainen and Geoff Luck. Correlations Between Personality Traits and Experience of Groove

Alexandra Lamont. Music That Matters: Unique and Collective Features in Experiences of Favorite Music across Place and Time

Anica Bajagić and Emilija Marković. Cultural Habits of Music High-School Pupils in Serbia Before, During, and After the COVID-19 Lockdown

Katarina Milisavljević. The Effects of Background Music in Different Settings

Heiner Gembris. Musically Talented in Competitions

Ana Protulipac, Sanja Stevanović, Dejana Mutavdžin and Blanka Bogunović. Basic Psychological Needs, Motivational Regulation Styles, and Success in High-School Music Students

Anica Bajagić, Dejana Mutavdžin, Milan Stanojević, Vesna Tafra-Rokvić, Mirjana Đukić and Blanka Bogunović. The Relationship Between Music Performance Anxiety, Mindfulness, and Self-estimated Success in Music High-School Students

Sophie Gemma Storr. “But I Like That You Can’t Hear Me”: Unexpected Outcomes in Online Music Lessons

Vesna Živković. The Influence of Twentieth-Century Music on the Emotional Response of Students in the Music Education

Dimitrinka Jordanova Peshevska, Ana Tomovska-Misoska, Kate Trajkova and Tamara Mitanovska. Mental Health and Resilience in Classical Musicians during COVID-19 Pandemic in the Republic of North Macedonia

Predrag M. Mitrović and Aleksandra Paladin. Music Therapy in Patients with Hypertension: Eighteen-Year Experience

Annini Tsioutis and Christina Athinodorou. Crossing the Threshold: A Performer’s Experience of Re:Mains for Multi-Pianist

Maja S. Vukadinović. Music as an Inspiration and Choreographic Cognition

Maja S. Vukadinović. The Role of Music in Exploring the Aesthetic Experience of Dance Choreographies

Ivan Ilić. Creating a ‘Future’ Artist: A Holistic Perspective

David M. Schruth. From Olfactory Sensory Reliance to Musical Signals of Vision, Space, and Motion

Deniz Duman, Petri Toiviainen and Geoff Luck. Investigation of Mu Oscillations to Naturalistic Groove Music

Folklore in Music Education

24th Pedagogical Forum of Performing Arts, Thematic Proceedings

Slobodan Kodela and Igor Nikolić Applicability of folklore dance melodies in solfeggio teaching

Senad Kazić. Possibility of using folklore examples from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in solfeggio teaching – a comparative review

Jovana Milošević and Milica Keča. Application of music folklore with aim to master dactyl and anapest forms of aksak rhythm

Vera Milanković. Contribution to Serbian folk song harmonization

Ana Ristivojević and Vesna Svalina. Representation of folk songs in textbooks of the subject Music Culture in the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia: Analysis of textbooks for the first three grades of primary school

Vesna Živković. Representation of vocal music tradition in textbooks for music culture of upper grades of primary school

Eirimas Velička. Peculiarities of Lithuanian songs ‘sutartines’ and didactic possibilities of their use in classroom

Nada O’Brien. Folklore images in music education

Ana Perunović-Ražnatović. Folklore in the modern curriculum and literature for the subject Music Culture in the primary school for adults

Joseph Jordania. Origin of polyphony: late cultural invention or part of predator defence system?

Dimitrije О. Golemović. Should and could traditional forms of folk musicianship be taught in music school?

Aleksandra Milikić. Between digital and direct in the process of discussion of musical knowledge (shown on three generations of musicians on the long pipe)

Marina Marković. Models of music education for Kyiv-Mohyla academy students and Serbian chant in the 18th century

Ivana Perković, Ivana Vuksanović, Dušanka Jelenković Vidović and Milica Petrović. Cross-curricular learning in higher music education: Entrepreneurial bootcamp for music students “Music – here and now“

Natalija Jović. Folklore elements in the initial flute literacy

Srđan Teparić. Interpretation of folklore elements in contemporary works of Serbian composers in the Analysis of Musical styles subject




Impressum, Content, Editorsʼ Note

Carolina e Sá and Eduarda Carvalho. Lullabies and Preterm Infants: A Contribution for the Study of Infant Directed Singing in the NICU

Marija Savić, Dubravka Stošić, and Nikola Goljović. The Relation Between Musical Activities, Attitudes, and Music Education of Pre-school Teachers

Ida Vujović. The Power of Long Notes: Pedal Points, Drones, and Expectancy Theories

Teodora Vuletić. Methodological Difficulties in Conservation-Type Tasks in Music

Blanka Bogunović, Ida Vujović, and Ana Protulipac. Sight-Reading Strategies in Singing and Playing

Anna Antonina Nogaj and Izabela Czarnecka. Differences in the Stress Coping Styles and Social Competences among Classical and Jazz Musicians

Aleksandar Kontić and Miloš Zatkalik. Some Remarks on the Performance Anxiety among Musicians: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

Valnea Žauhar, Aleksandra Matić, Ana Dražul, and Igor Bajšanski. Memorizing the Contemporary Piano Piece of Music: The Effects of the Formal Structure, Pianist’s Segmentation, and Technical Difficulties

Marija Tomić. Perception of the Idiosyncrasy in Performances of Debussy’s “Syrinx” for Solo Flute

Maria Bernadete Castelan Póvoas and Luís Claudio Barros. Principles of Anticipation and Movement Cycles Applied to Piano Gestures in the Brazilian Repertoire for Piano Four Hands

Tatjana Popović. Role of the Body and its Movements in Expressive Performances

Dejana Mutavdžin and Blanka Bogunović. Learning Preferences of the Musically Gifted

Vesna Rokvić, Majda Marić, Anica Bajagić, Mirjana Đukić, Blanka Bogunović, Olja Jovanović, and Selena Erac. Children with Additional Support Needs in Music Education

Margarida Baltazar and Daniel Västfjäll. Songs Perceived as Relaxing: Musical Features, Lyrics, and Contributing Mechanisms

Maja Derlink, Veronika Rogelj, Nina Stanojević, Petra Habjanič, Katarina Habe, and Uroš Kovačič. Music Listening and Heart Rate Variability

Johanna N. Wilson, Marc Thompson, and Suvi Saarikallio. The Function of Music Videos in Everyday Listening Experiences

Radost Galonja Krtinić. The Emotional Response of Different Generations to Mass (Partisan) Songs

Marija Stankov, Nebojša Milićević, and Ana Jovančević. Effect of Music on Subjective Experience of Dance Performances

Marik Roos. The Influences of Chord Progression Probability, Predictive Processing, and the Behavioral Inhibition System on Aesthetic Appreciation of Pop Songs

Ana Rebrina. Perception of the Macroform in the Second of Babbitt’s ‟Three Compositions for Piano” (1947)

Đorđe Stepanović. Perception of Rhythmic Patterns, Meter, and Measure among Music Students

Neda Nikolić. Musical Flow Segmentation and Emotional Response of Music Students to Impressionistic Musical Piece

Sanja Srećković. Psychological Research and Philosophical Debates on Musical Meaning

Srđan Teparić. The Sign Upgrading of Archetypes in the Music of Postmodernism

Sanela Nikolić. Model of Artistic Music Aesthetic Experience in Music Criticism Broadcasted on the Radio Belgrade 2 in 2017

Milena Petrović. Zoomusicology Research in Serbia

Igor Radeta. Ondine as an Anima in the Context of Narrative Strategies of Ravel’s ‟Gaspard de la Nuit”

Milica Lazarević. The Dramaturgy of ‟Ondine” by Ravel from the Perspective of Jung’s Concept of the Psyche

Marija Simonović. Ravel’s ‟Ondine” From the Viewpoint of Bachelard’s Essay on Water and Dreams

Tijana Popović Mlađenović, Neda Kolić, and Ivana Petković Lozo. Rediscovering Music Universe of Claude Debussy’s ‟Préludes”