Faculty of Music

Expert Bodies

electoral council

Faculty of Music Electoral Council is Faculty’s expert body consisting of all full-time teaching staff. The dean presides over the Electoral Council.

The Electoral Council has the jurisdiction over the following: confirmation of proposals for teachers’ title elections, proposals for the candidates for the dean of the Faculty and rector of the University of Arts, realization of elections for teaching collaborators and other teachers, formation of electoral committees, proposals for Great plaque and Silver medal of the University of Arts, confirmation of proposals for the title of professor emeritus and other.

The Electoral Council’s decisions are made by a secret ballot, with simple (or absolute, when necessary) majority.

academic council

The Faculty of Music Academic Council is an expert body taking decisions on the greatest number of issues related to the educational, artistic, scientific and research work at the Faculty. The Council members are all heads of departments, heads of departments’ councils along with the head of the Unit for complimentary scientific and professional disciplines, together with the representatives of Student parliament. Dean and vice-deans are members of the Faculty’s Council by function. The Academic Council authority includes: establishing Faculty’s Statute propositions, putting forward propositions for study programs at all study levels, putting forward PhD thesis’ and doctoral artistic projects’ programs at the Faculty of Music, designing Commissions for realization of PhD studies, confirming proposals for establishment or abolition of Faculty’s departments or other organizational units, approving various rulebooks, electing representatives of the Faculty in University of Arts bodies, adopting annual plans for scientific conferences, approving decisions on engaging visiting teachers and external collaborators, approving decisions on the valedictorian election, considering proposals by the Student parliament, designing members of all exam committees, adopting annual academic calendar, establishing various Faculty’s committees, etc.

The Faculty of Music Academic Council is convened and presided by the dean, at least three times in a semester.

Department Heads Council

The Faculty of Music Department Heads Council is an expert body primarily in charge of study programs, their organizational and other issues, along with teaching activities within them. It consists of all heads of department councils and the head of Unit for complimentary scientific and professional disciplines. The vice-dean for teaching is the Department Heads Council member by function. The Department Heads Council authority includes: leveling study programs’ structure and choice of electives within them, implementation of work plans, student success analysis, analysis of self-evaluation results, considering student requests, participation in preparation of the documentation for study programs accreditation, and other.

The Department Heads Council is convened and led by the Vice-dean for teaching, at least once in a semester.


staff committee

The Faculty of Music Staff Committee is part of the Electoral Council, consisting of the dean, heads of all departments and head of the Unit for complementary scientific and professional disciplines. The Staff Committee is convened at least twice a year. The decisions are reached by a secret ballot, according to the same principles governing the work of the Electoral Council. The Staff Committee considers written proposals made by the departments and Unit with justification for title election and brings forward decisions on all calls, based on the data provided by the Service in charge of staff issues.