Faculty of Music

Applied Research of Music

Master academic study program Applied Research of Music (1 year, 60 ECTS) integrates application of knowledge, concepts and methods in music research from the perspective of new technologies, entrepreneurship and work with audiences in wider social contexts. The program aims at enabling students to understand new phenomena related to the role of music in the contemporary environment, to adopt and apply current knowledge on entrepreneurial approach to music, socially engaged artistic/music practices and growing and more complex possibilities of digital technologies.

Students who complete this study program will be competent to realize relevant tasks and projects aiming at integration into the wider society and diversity support, along with raising awareness on the importance of interculturality and the significant role of music in cultural heritage. Knowledge, competencies and skills gained enable work in various institutions within the public, civil and business sector, in the field of creative industries, culture and mass media.

The Applied Research of Music study program is compatible with European standards in terms of entry requirements, duration of studies, study conditions and diploma attainments.

Academic and professional title obtained upon completing the Applied Research of Music study program is master of art theory.