Faculty of Music


Music, by its very nature, does not know the boundaries, so openness to the world and international and intercultural orientation are the basic prerequisites for the quality of higher education in the field of art. Our goal is to permanently preserve the position of the leading institution for higher art education and the center of creativity in the region and at the same time increase the visibility and recognition at the European and global level. Based on an internationalization platform, the Faculty of Music – University of Arts in Belgrade aims to become a centre of excellence, attracting the best teachers and students and creating new knowledge that can answer the challenges of the modern world. The main long-term goals of the international policy are:

  • Strengthening the academic position and international reputation of the Faculty of Music and the University of Arts in Belgrade
  • Developing international and intercultural awareness of students and teachers
  • Continuous improvement of study programmes and increasing their relevance for the current artistic moment.


Strategy of Internationalisation University of Arts in Belgrade 2018-2025

University of Arts Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027