Faculty of Music

Music Direction

Music Direction study program (2 years, 120 ECTS) was included in the master studies curriculum in academic year 2020/21. Within the study program, a special attention is given to the development of creative music abilities of students in the field of working with music material from the perspective of complex use of contemporary digital technologies. The objective is formation of a music director of high professional level and all other profiles in the field of music production.

Along with gaining capacities for independent artistic activity and work with various performers and ensembles, students have competencies for work in cultural institutions, mass media and creative industries.

Teaching is in group classes (main courses – Music Direction, Editing and restoration of recordings, Music production software, MIDI system, and others).

Study outcomes include obtaining practical skills – a high professional level of using contemporary technologies for music recording, production and direction, with potential for taking up a leading role in realization of music recording or music event.

The Music Direction study program is compatible with European standards in terms of entry requirements, duration of studies, study conditions and diploma attainments.

Professional title obtained upon completing master academic studies at Music Direction study program is master of music.