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Entrance Exams

entrance exam for enrollment to the first year of bachalor academic studies in 2022/23

Information booklet for enrollment to the first year of bachelor academic studies in 2022/23 (Published on March 28 2022)

Compulsory piece for the entrance exam to Music performance studies – module: Guitar

F. Moreno Torroba: Pieces caractéristiques 

Published on February 28 2022

Call for application for Master, Specialist and PhD academic studies for academic year 2021/22

Application for entering the Master, Specialist and PhD Studies for academic year 2021/22 is done exclusively online via the following link: https://prijemni.fmu.bg.ac.rs/Onlineregistracija
according to the following schedule:
Master academic studies 17 September and 20 September 2021, from 9 to 12h
Specialist academic studies 15 September 2021, from 9 to 12h
PhD academic studies 16 September 2021, from 9 to 14h

The documentation should be sent in PDF format in one single document containing all the necessary forms, in maximum size of 5 Mb.
All the other documentation (scores, seminar papers, application papers, lists of important performances) should also be sent in PDF format.
Application for the Music direction study program should also contain an audiogram done in competent health institution.

In case of trouble with application, please send an inquiry from the email used for application to the following address: vnenadic@fmu.bg.ac.rs

The candidate has successfully applied when he/she receives the following message:
“Успешно сте предали документацију за полагање пријемног испита на Факултету музичке уметности у Београду.” [“You have successfully submitted the documentation for entrance exam at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade”]

Candidates who successfully pass the entrance exam and are listed in the Rankings upon the number approved for enrollment should bring the original documents to the enrollment.
If the documentation is to be established as not valid, the Faculty of Music reserves the rights to change the Rankings and call for enrollment the next candidate from the list.

Published on 12th of September 2021


Entrance exams for master, specialist and PhD studies in academic year 2021/22 will take place in September 2021.
Information booklet with details on entrance exam requirements, application procedure, dates and other, is available here.