Faculty of Music



Aleksandra Ugarković, graduated lawyer

+381 11 26 82 746

dean’s cabinet

Head of Dean’s Office
Selena Popović

+381 11 362 11 70

general service

Head of Service: Jovanka Pavlović, Staff Administrator
Milena Sablić, Administrator for legal issues
Ivan Raicki, HR coordinator
Nataša Čalić Veselinović, General Service Administrator
Vaska Šikoska, Public procurement Administrator
Stefan Ivanović, System and IT administrator

+381 11 362 07 60

STUDENT administration office

Head of Service: Stojanka Nenadić, Administrator for students’ issues and teaching process
Aleksandra Džmerković, Administrator for students’ issues and teaching process
Mirjana Radovanović Pajović, Senior administrator for specialist and doctoral studies
Ana Hofman, Administrator for students’ issues and teaching process

+381 11 26 59 272

Student Administration Office opening hours:
Monday: 10:00–14:00
Tuesday: 10:00–13:00
Wednesday: not taking meetings with students
Thursday: 10:00–13:00
Friday: 10:00–14:00

Break: 12:00–12:30


Head of service: Jelena Lekovski, head of financial-accounting business
Milina Pantović, personal incomes administrator – treasurer
Marijana Šćepović, financial and accounting analyst

+ 381 11 36 21 175


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Biljana Andrejić, sales manager  + 381 60 3610-981
Anđelka Denčić, salesman  +381 60 3868-985

Working hours: 09:30–17:30

+ 381 11 36 10 960

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support service

Head of service: Jasmina Berisavljević, auxiliary worker / courier
Dragana Minić, telephonist
Jelica Lukić, doorman
Dragan Jovanović, janitor
Ilmija Urošević, auxiliary worker / courier
Rajna Jovanović, auxiliary worker / courier
Ljiljana Kovačević, auxiliary worker / courier
Marina Mitrović, auxiliary worker / courier
Mirjana Stajčić, auxiliary worker / courier
Ana Nešković, auxiliary worker / courier
Zorica Đorđioski, auxiliary worker / courier

+381 11 26 59 466

+381 11 26 59 887


Head of Service: Branko Kozarski, Piano tuner
Matija Ninković, Piano tuner

tone studio

The Faculty of Music Tone studio was founded during the eighties and is under jurisdiction of the Composition Department from the beginning.
Audio direction within the Tone studio is equipped with high-quality analogue devices, computer systems for music recording and editing, together with software for composition and contemporary music production.
The tone studio acoustics is done in compliance with precise engineering calculations in combination of absorbers and diffusers.
The tone studio is visually and acoustically linked with the recording space (Faculty’s Great hall), enabling recording sessions ranging from soloist music to larger chamber ensembles.
The Faculty of music Tone studio possesses a contemporary LoLa (Low Latency AV streaming) system.

Head of the Tone studio: Svetlana Savić, DMA, Professor
Tone studio Administrator: Ivan Kadelburg, Tamara Rajinac