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jean monnet module “music and art in the shaping of the european cultural identity”

The Jean Monnet module Music and Art in the Shaping of the European Cultural Identity, led by Prof. Dr. Marija Masnikosa, is a three-year project focused on music and art which actively shape the cultural identity of Europe. Having positive experience with Jean Monnet Module Music Identities and European Perspective – an Interdisciplinary Approach (2014-17), this project continues with the realization of the basic idea of developing EU studies in the fields of music and arts.

The main activity of Jean Monnet Module Music and Art in the Shaping of the European Cultural Identity includes teaching/lectures – new courses within the present study programs and summer schools – to MA and PhD arts students, as well as to students from other departments (e.g. architecture, medicine etc.), to better prepare them for their future professional life.

Implementation of the project involves original and new teaching strategies and new technologies, in dealing with regional achievements in the fields of music and art, and European culture as a complex identity. Project implementation team consists of teachers from the three (out of four) faculties from the University of Arts in Belgrade, and this team functions as an integrative element of the University.

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erasmus+ cbhe project “enhancing the digital competencies and entrepreneurship skills of academic musicians in serbia for culturally more engaged society demusis”

Enhancing the digital competencies and entrepreneurship skills of academic musicians in Serbia for culturally more engaged society – DEMUSIS is the Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education (CBHE) project funded by Erasmus+ program. It is a joint project focused on curriculum development activities aiming at enhancing entrepreneurial abilities of academic musicians to use digital technologies artistically, creatively, knowledgeably, critically and responsibly (both toward self and others) in general and cultural context. The objective is to introduce forward-looking curricula that will offer a sustainable career for musicians and provide them with knowledge, skills and understanding how to work alone and manage their own careers.

DEMUSIS project aims to ensure the capacity development of higher education institutions to educate culturally engaged professionals willing to participate in the civil society.
There are 3 main project objectives: 1) development of new master programs and modernization of existing study programs in areas of music entrepreneurship and digital competencies. E-learning platform, online courses and LoLa system for distant musical performance will encourage the use of digital technologies; 2) continuing professional development for music professionals, aiming at improvement and enhancement of their digital and entrepreneurial skills; 3) strengthening music education in its lessons in citizenship and cultural participation and to bridge the current gap between music higher education institutions and civil society.

The project is coordinated by the University of Arts; the consortium consolidates efforts of 6 academic and 3 non-academic partners.

Expected impact of the project includes innovative and new curricula and new career possibilities for professional musicians, development of stronger and modernized academic institutions, novel methodology approach towards the education of musicians able to facilitate interaction of academia and civil society and to enhance public participation in music.

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