Faculty of Music

Solfeggio and Music Pedagogy Department

Music pedagogy module in the framework of Music science studies, is focused on education of music teachers in preschools, general education schools, vocational and high schools, along with solfeggio teachers in all levels of music education.

Through implementation of knowledge from diverse pedagogical fields during bachelor, master and doctoral studies in Music pedagogy, students are trained in answering challenges in teaching using contemporary scientific methods and procedures. By following innovations in the field of music pedagogy, and developing critical and self-critical thinking, students are qualified for future work in music pedagogy with implementation of theoretical-methodical and practical-musical knowledge (practice in music pedagogy).

The main subject group consists of the following courses: Solfeggio, Solfeggio teaching methods and General music education methods. The module incorporates all the other music disciplines: Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical forms, Piano, Choral conducting and others.

The Music pedagogy module is in line with European standards for enrollment, duration of studies, requirements for advancement to the next study year, diploma acquisition and manner of study.

The professional title gained upon completing the master academic studies is the master in art theory.

Teaching Staff