Faculty of Music

Department of Ethnomusicology

Ethnomusicology with ethnochoreology module aims to quality students for independent scientific and practical work in educational and cultural institutions. Along with the main subject of Ethnomusicology, a special attention is given to the subject of Ethnochoreology, while student competencies equally cover the fields mastered within other courses.

At the Ethnomusicology with ethnochoreology module students get profound understanding of music and ethnomusicological phenomena and develop capacity for answering complex contextual ethnomusicological issues. By using scientific methods and interdisciplinary integration of knowledge from diverse scientific fields, students gain competencies for scientifically and problem-based individual research, along with work in research projects.

The module is in line with European standards for enrollment, duration of studies, requirements for advancement to the next study year, diploma acquisition and manner of study.

The professional title gained upon completing the master academic studies is master in art theory.

Teaching Staff