Faculty of Music

Ana Petrović

Secretary of the Department | Assistant in the field of Ethnomusicology

Ana Petrović graduated BA and MA ethnomusicology studies (2006-2012) at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (FoM). She is currently on the doctoral studies on the same Faculty and as from July 5th 2017 Senate of the University of Arts in Belgrade officially approved her work on the doctoral dissertation The influence of the components of musical articulation on shaping the vocal dialect of Serbs from the Pešter plateau, mentor – associated professor Dr. Mirjana Zakić.
Her Master thesis was defended on September 2012 mentored by the same professor.
In her scientific focus are components of musical articulation in traditional vocal performances. She assisted in preparation of several student concerts.
She is member of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), Study group for music and dance in the Southeastern Europe since 2014. She regularly participates on the symposiums. During 2014.she participated on the International Summer Academy (ISA) organized by the University for music and performing arts in Vienna.
In 2017 Ana was elected as one (out of sixteen) ethnomusicology PhD students to participate on the 9th doctoral workshop for the ethnomusicology students in Hildesheim, Germany. The workshop was organized by the Center for World Music in Hildesheim, University in Hildesheim and Hanover University of Music.
From 2011 to 2019, Ana was employed as the International Relations Coordinator at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, primarily working on the Tempus and Erasmus + projects.