Faculty of Music

Iva Nenić, PhD

Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology

Professor of ethnomusicology and tutor at the Faculty of Music, lecturer at the Interdisciplinary studies at the University of Arts, Belgrade.

Academic training and degrees
Formal: MMus in Ethnomusicology (2004), MPhil in Theory of arts and media (2009), PhD in Ethnomusicology (2015) at the University of Arts in Belgrade.
Additional education: one-year programs of advanced undergraduate studies (Belgrade Open School, 2003) and gender studies (Women’s Studies Center, Belgrade, 2002), doctoral workshop “Current trends in ethnomusicological research” (Hildesheim, 2012).

Fields of competence
Cultural studies of music, social and cultural critical theory, music and identification, music, transgenerationalism and cultural memory, social regimes of gender, popular music studies, theory of ideology, ethnography and fieldwork, digital humanities, music and media, popular culture and utopia/dystopia

Research interests
Iva’s research is concerned with the way music practices give rise to ideology and help enact social identities, with a focus on gender reproduction/contestation and the politics of intersectionality. Her field experience stretches from folk music of Serbia to the superculture of local and global world music, female musicianship in Serbian and regional independent music scenes, Balkan-based hip hop and shared popular culture of post-Yugoslav pop folk. Her research is also related to the relation between ideological interpellation and affective practices, epistemology of fieldwork, translation of field experience into ethnography, and regimes of representation in ethnomusicology and related disciplines. Iva’s work examines the topography of popular culture in early 21st century after postmodernity, with an emphasis on issues of transgression, agency and power distribution.
Iva has published numerous scholarly articles, chapters and essays, and translated several studies and two books related to philosophy, music and culture.
Her first monograph, Deregulation of the Canon, identification by Sound: female players of traditional instruments in Serbia is about to be released by Serbian publisher CLIO.