Project engagement is one of the most important strategic aims and goals of Faculty of Music, extending the cooperation network and obtaining better visibility of Faculty of Music in Belgrade on the international level.

Faculty of Music has rich and diverse experience in the field of international projects, interlinked with numerous partner institutions, education as well as culture ones, media, institutes and other organizations in country and abroad, into a network of projects.

Currently there are a number of active bilateral agreements and cooperation protocols, while maintaining partnerships within the EU – ERASMUS + programmes, as well as Creative Europe programmes, opened the past academic year. Faculty of Music had successfully coordinated one Tempus project from the previous generation of EU programmes (2007-2014), receiving positive reviews for it after the final report submission.

International projects

  - Erasmus +
      a) Jean Monnet Module project
      b) Capacity Building in Higher Education
Enhancing the digital competencies and entrepreneurship skills of academic musicians in Serbia for culturally more engaged society
      c) Erasmus KA 1 projects, students and professors mobility, academic year 2016/2017
  - Creative Europe Rostrum +
  - European Opera Academy
  - Euphony project (International Youth Orchestra)

Bilateral cooperation

  - Cooperation with Conservatoire “Giuseppe Tartini” Trieste, Italy
  - “Progetto Musica”, Italy
  - International orchestra “Gustav Mahler”

National projects

  - Cooperation with organization “Inclusive network”


  - World University Support (WUS), Austriaa
  - Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
  - Introducing Interdisciplinarity in Music Studies in the Western Balkans in Line with European Perspective (InMuSWB), Tempus