Library of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade was founded shortly after establishing the Music Academy in 1937, and is pertaining to the category of specialized university level libraries. The Faculty of Music Library is a member of International Association of Music Libraries – IAML. The imposing library fund includes over 110 000 book titles, magazines, scores, records and CDs, which makes this library the most significant and the largest musical library both in the region and in the country today. The Library possesses the unique and rare resources, above all in the fields of music, but also in other art and scientific areas.
The primary fund of the Faculty includes about 85 000 copies of sheet music material (musicalia), about 15 000 copies of monograph publications and about 80 titles of serial publications. The bachelor, master and PhD thesis defended at the Faculty, are also kept in it. The phono-library, as a part of the Library, consists of 9 000 records and 1700 CDs, audiocassettes, tapes and CD ROMs.
The complete Library fund is available both for the teaching purposes, as well as for the art and scholarly work of students and professors alike.
The Faculty of Music Library also hosts valuable collections of old and rare books and music scores with some of the oldest originating from the first half of the 19th century, as well as the legacies of prominent Serbian composers, researchers and performers (Vladimir Đorđević, Milenko Živković, Miloje Milojević, Josip Slavenski, Petar Stojanović, Borislav Pašćan, Dušan Skovran, Nikola Cvejić, Marina Olenjina).

The complete catalogues are available both in the Library itself at the Faculty of Music, and online, via e-catalogue COBISS.