Mixed Choir

The Faculty of Music Mixed Choir has been in existence for more than six decades, designed to hone students’ essential vocal performance skills and techniques, resulting in the high artistic level of performance characterized by homogeneous sound, stability in rhythm and clear stylistic dynamics. Each of its acclaimed leaders throughout Choir’s rich history – Vojislav Ilić, Darinka Matić-Marović and now Biljana Radovanović and Dragana Jovanović – nurtured, along with standard choral repertoire, some special genre of literature, whether it were works of national composers, sacred music, contemporary music or else, resulting with the competence in undertaking all kinds of professional challenges creating its authentic vocal expression through delicate sound of a cappella literature.
In addition to its regular performances, the Mixed Choir traditionally collaborates with the Faculty of Music Symphony Orchestra in bringing to stage the most essential works of world vocal-instrumental heritage.