Head of the Department

Jasna Tucović DMA

Associate professor of Chamber music (for work with piano ensembles)

Phone: +381 62 250 381
E-mail: jasnatucovic@fmu.bg.ac.rs

Jasna Tucović (Belgrade, 1975) studied piano with Professor Nevena Popović at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where she obtained her Master degree. During her studies she developed a strong affinity for chamber music, which has become the main field of her artistic activity ever since. She pursued postgraduate studies in chamber music with Professor Olivera Djurdjević. In 2016 she earned a D.M.A. degree in chamber music performance, her thesis concerning interpretation of Robert Schumann's sonatas for violin and piano, supervised by Professor Dejan Subotić, D.M.A.

Mrs. Tucović's further artistic impulses came through master classes with pianists such as Vladimir Petrovich Chinaev, Paul Gulda and Pavel Nersessian, and collaboration with outstanding musicians such as violinists Bogdan Božović, Dejana Goločevac (with whom she forms the Duo DJ), Vesna Stanković, and Gordan Trajković, flutists Ljubiša Jovanović and János Bálint, violoncellists Aleksandar Latković and Dragan Djordjević etc.

Jasna Tucović has performed throughout Serbia, as well as in Montenegro, Italy, Romania, France, Austria and Switzerland. Her festival appearances include BEMUS (Belgrade), Mokranjčevi dani (Negotin, Serbia), Theater City Budva (Montenegro), International Review of Composers (Belgrade), Contocanto (Rome), and CosArt (Aleksandrovac, Serbia). During the years 2001-2003 she was a member of the trio Donne di Belgrado, actively promoting works of contemporary Serbian composers.

Mrs. Tucović is a sought after chamber music pedagogue. Over the years her students won many prizes in national and international competitions.

Goran Marinković DMA

Full professor of Chamber music (for work with woodwind instruments ensembles)

E-mail: goran.marinkovic@fmu.bg.ac.rs

Goran Marinković, PhDArt, (1962) full time professor at the Department for Chamber Music  wind ensembles, graduated from the Department for Wind Instruments  Bassoon, and the Department for Composition and Orchestration Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade. He finished his postgraduate studies at the Department for Wind Instruments  Bassoon.
He achieved his PhDArt in 2013, with theses Profilation of sound and interpretive role of the bassoon in chamber works of Serbian composers of the 20th and 21st century.

During his career as an artist, he was a member and the first solo bassoonist of the Belgrade philharmonic orchestra and Cyprus State chamber Orchestra. Goran Marinković is the first solo bassoonist of the orchestra Camerata Serbica. During his career he was member of the chamber ensemble Belgrade baroque quartet; Belgrade wind quintet Les Bacchanalles; New music ensemble. Presently he is a member of the music ensemble Construction Site and Belgrade chamber sextet.

Goran Marinković had numerous solo recitals and chamber concerts during his career. Among others: the independent recital cycle Encounter with the artist, 2005; serial of concerts National concert season, 2008; recital at gallery Artget, Center of Culture Belgrade, 2008; two concerts of the wind sextet at Kolarac Endowment, 2009; chamber music concert Evening promenade, 2010; chamber music concert and presentation of the authors original works Goran Marinkovic and friends, 2011; Profilation of the sound and interpretational role of basoon in chamber works of Serbian composers of the 20th and 21st century at auditorium of Students cultural center, 2013; two concerts of the music ensemble Belgrade chamber sextet, 2016

The compositions of Goran Marković have been performed on the Review of contemporary composers in Opatija and Belgrade, at the concerts during BEMUS and at numerous concerts both in the country of Serbia and abroad.

Ladislav Mezei MA

Full professor of Chamber music (for work with string instruments ensembles


Full time professor MA Ladislav Mezei was born in Subotica 07.07.1952. He finished elementary and secondary music school, in addition to a regular high school, in his hometown, in the class of Mirko Molnar, professor known as an excellent educator and a man who has trained many young cellists, working today in the most notable orchestras throughout the former Yugoslavia and the world. Already as a student Ladislav Mezei showed an explicit commitment to the call of a musician. He often performed as a soloist and a player in chamber music ensembles, participating in all major music school concerts and visits in the towns in Serbia and neighboring countries. He graduated in academic year 1975/76 from Faculty of Music in the class of Professor Viktor Jakovčić.

As a student, he performed as a soloist and a member of the baroque ensemble "Florida Musica" and the Academic Chamber Orchestra "Jeunesse Musicale", conducted by Professor Dušan Skovran. With this orchestra he took part in numerous national and international tours in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and other countries.

He finished postgraduate studies in 1997 in the class of Professor Sandra Belić. He participated in a professional seminar in Brno and summer course in Ohrid by world renowned cellist Andre Navarra
The period of 1980/81, he spent at the postgraduate training at the "Music Academy Ferenc Liszt" in Budapest in the class of Professor Onczai Csaba, where he significantly expanded his knowledge of chamber works requiring the presence of a cello and its distinct role.

As a pupil and a student Ladislav Mezei received many awards for solo and chamber performances, prizes in national competitions, such as the third prize at the Yugoslav competition for young music artists in Zagreb in the category piano trio (first not assigned) and an annual student award of the Faculty of Music.

Ljudmila Popović MA

Full professor of Chamber music (for work with vocal-instrumental ensembles)


Ljudmila Gross-Popović was born in Kemerovo (Russia). She was educated in the best tradition of the Russian school. She graduated conducting from the Novosibirsk Glinka State Conservatory in the class of the National Artist of Russia, Prof. B. Pevzner and obtained master's degree for voice in the class of the National Artist of Russia, R. Zhukova.

In the period 1981-1987 Ljudmila Gross-Popović was a soloist in the Novosibirsk Philharmonic chamber choir. Already then she excelled as a concert singer, interpreter of lies and solo parts in vocal- instrumental pieces. As a soloist of the chamber choir she travelled all over the Soviet Union, giving concerts at Russia's major concert halls, with famous conductors such as Fedoseyev, Minin, Dudarova, Sondeckis, Gorinstein, Katz, Spiller, and many more. She also recorded two LP's for Melodiya recording house.
Since 1988 Ljudmila Gross-Popović has been living in Belgrade. She sang as soloist with the Choir and Symphonic Orchestra of the Television of Serbia, Belgrade Philharmonic, Skovran Chamber Orchestra, and the Royal Strings of Saint George. She was also a member and soloist of the Renaissance Early Music Ensemble. She won critical acclaim for her concerts at festivals such as BEMUS (Belgrade Music Festivities), NOMUS (Novi Sad Music Festivities), International Festival of Music Delphi – Greece, International Festage Alter Musick – Stuttgart, Interfest – Bitola Macedonia.

The repertoire of Ljudmila Gross-Popović includes vocal works of Bach, Handel, Mozart, Pergolesi, Vivaldi, Poulenc, R. Strauss, Ravel, as well as a wide range of songs from old masters, through German lied to Russian authors and contemporary songs. Her concerts were also recorded and kept in video and sound archives of the RTS.

Ljudmila Gross-Popović is a full time professor at the Department of Chamber Music and Department for Voice at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She also taught singing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

Head of the Department Council

Dejan Subotić DMA

Associate professor of Chamber music (for work with piano ensembles)


Dejan Subotić completed graduate and postgraduate studies in piano (professors Andrea Inhof, Andreja Preger and Nevena Popović) and received doctoral degree in chamber music from the Faculty of music in Belgrade (professor Zorica Cetković). He also holds bachelor and master degrees in harpsichord.

He attended chamber music classes of prof. Mats Zetterqvist in Stockholm (Royal College of Music, Edsberg School) and was an active participant of numerous master classes (Peter Lönnerberg, Konstantin Bogino, Borbola Doboszy, Peter Dircksen, Syavush Gadzhiev, Boris Previsic). Dejan Subotić is the prize winner of several competitions, most notably the Piano competition in Rome and Kawai competition in Italy. He took part in many festivals, like Mokranjcevi dani, The International Composers’ Tribune, OKTOH, Convivium musicum, Ars vivendi clavicembalum, The Harp Festival and others. He is a member of Singidunum trio with flutist Stana Krstajić and violinist Ksenija Milošević. The trio has performed numerous new pieces, mostly written by Serbian composers. Dejan Subotić is also a member of piano duo with Tea Dimitrijević. This piano duo performs regularly, playing among others complete works by Claude Debussy and Erik Satie. Their live recording of piano duo pieces by Schumann has been broadcast by Radio BBC3. Dejan Subotic performed as a soloist with orchestra in pieces by Bach, Martin and de Falla. He gave concerts in Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and Czech Republic.
Dejan Subotić was awarded The Silver Medal of University of Arts in Belgrade in 2012.

Secretary of the Department

Tea Dimitrijević DMA

Associate professor of Chamber music (for work with piano ensembles)

E-mail: tealmaz@gmail.com

Tea Dimitrijević was born in Belgrade. She finished both graduate and postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade with professor Mirjana Šuica- Babić. She specialized in chamber music and finished graduation studies of harpsichord with Professor Miloš Petrović. She got her PhD degree in the field of chamber music with professors Miloš Petrović and Zorica Ćetković.

She took part in a lot of concerts throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Macedonia and Austria, both as a soloist and as a part of chamber ensembles. She performed with Belgrade Philharmonic orchestra, Arte ensemble, St. George’s strings, New music ensemble, Camerata Serbica orchestra and Nordic Balkan String orchestra (NORBAL). She participated in the festivals BEMUS and BELEF in Belgrade, NOMUS in Novi Sad, Budva grad teatar, Mokranjčevi dani, AFES in Macedonia and Ohridsko leto. She also regularly performs at the International Review of Composers. As a permanent collaborator with Symphonic orchestra of RTS, she participated in the performances of a lot of pieces of Serbian and international composers, performing with well-known conductors, soloists and opera stars: Montserrat Caballé, Kiri Te Kanawa, José Carreras, Placido Domingo. She took part in a lot of premiere performances of the pieces written by the Serbian composers, especially for the piano duo.

She teaches at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade as an associate professor at the Chamber Music Department. She is an author and a host of the radio show Susretanja (Encounters), as well as of the night programme Iza violinskog ključa (Behind the treble clef) on the first programme of Radio Belgrade.

Sonja Lončar

Assistant professor of Chamber music (for work with piano ensembles)


Sonja Lončar je rođena u Beogradu. Nakon završenih postdiplomskih studija na Fakultetu muzičke umetnosti u Beogradu, završila je master i Konzertexamen studije, na Visokoj školi za muziku i pozorište Rostok (Nemačka). Kao solista i član klavirskog dua LP Duo, do sada je osvojila više od trideset nagrada na međunarodnim takmičenjima. LP Duo se kao jedini duo u istoriji Balkana, plasirao među osam najboljih ansambala iz celoga sveta na najvećem takmičenju klavirskih dua Dranoff Miami Two Pianos u Majamiju (Florida).

Ansambl LP Duo koji čine pijanisti Sonja Lončar i Andrija Pavlović, postoji od 2004. godine i do sada su više puta nastupali i održali uspešne koncertne turneje širom Evrope i SAD. U 2014. godini debitovali su u čuvenoj Njujorškoj dvorani Karnegi Hol, a u 2015. godini su premijerno nastupili u prestižnoj dvorani Kenedi centra (The Kennedy Center) u Vašingtonu. Premijerno su izveli više od 50 dela domaćih i inostranih kompozitora savremene muzike. Neka od ovih izvođenja bile su svetske premijere i mnoge od ovih kompozicija njima su posvećene. Do sada imaju šest CD izdanja u Srbiji, Hrvatskoj, Danskoj i Holandiji.

LP Duo redovno drži majstorske kurseve za klavirska dua u zemlji i inostranstvu i uspešno promovišu domaće savremeno stvaralaštvo. Zajedno su osnivači prvog festivala posvećenog klavijaturnim instrumentima Keyboard Days Belgrade. Pored izvođačke delatnosti, LP Duo komponuju primenjenu muziku za pozorište, film, TV, plesne koreografije, popularnu muziku, itd. Jedni su od koautora projekta Quantum Music koji je podržan od strane programa Kreativna Evropa Evropske Unije.

Igor Lazić DMA

Assistant professor of Chamber music (for work with brass instruments ensembles


Igor Lazić was born on February 10th 1978 in Belgrade. From 1988 to 1996 he was attending and finished music school “Dr Vojislav Vučković” in Belgrade in class of Professor Zoran Mrdjenović.
From 1996 to 2000 he studied at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in the class of Professor Stjepan Rabuzin and finished as the first in the class. In 2000 he began his postgraduate studies and finished it in 2005 in the class of the same professor. From 2001 to 2006 he studied at Hoch Schule fur Music in Trossingen, Germany, in the class of Professor Francis Orval. In 2013 he finished chamber music PHD studies in the class of Professor Ljudmila Popović.

Igor Lazić was a member of numerous symphony orchestras. From 1997 to 1999 he was a permanent member of Radio Symphony Orchestra Belgrade and from 1999 to 2011 the principal hornist of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2001 he joined Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra. Since 2010 he is a part time member of Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liege, Belgium.
He is a member of the Chamber music Department of Faculty of Music since 2003.
Since the age of seventeen he has been performing as a soloist and chamber music player in the country and in abroad. From numerous concerts there are two to be mentioned, the concert with chamber orchestra “Dusan Skovran” performing Benjamin Britten’s Serenade and the one with Trossingen Music Academy Orchestra with Reinhold Glière Horn Concerto on the program.

Katarina Popović

Assistant professor of Chamber music (work with string instruments ensembles)


Katarina Popović received a master’s degree after graduating from the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade, in the violin class of Prof. Marija Špengler. After postgraduate studies in chamber music at the same school, she enrolled artistic doctorate studies in the chamber music class of Prof. Goran Marinković. During doctoral studies she was engaged as a teaching fellow on the chamber music department under supervision of Prof. Ladislav Mezei. She attended various master classes with artists and pedagogues such as David Takeno, Gordan Nikolić, Stefan Milenković, Rafael Oleg, Orest Shourgot, Mira Glodeanu, Ilia Korol, David Drabek, Elisabeth Blumenstock, Jeremy Joseph, Frederick Haas, Ruben Dubrovsky, Daniele Caminiti and Martina Warecka.
Katarina performs actively with three ensembles that realized a number of concerts in Serbia and abroad. She is a member of Belgrade Baroque ensemble devoted to historically-informed performance practice of 17th and 18th century music, playing period instruments, and as such, is one of the first ensembles of its kind in Serbia. With ensemble Musikkens retning: nord<->sør she performs thematic concerts in Norway and Serbia that are designed to enrich cultural connections between two countries. In 2014, with Mihailo Samoran and Vanja Šćepanović, she founded Aratos Trio, an ensemble devoted to performance of lesser-known contemporary pieces written for clarinet, violin and piano.
Katarina made concert appearances on festivals such as Belgrade music festival (BEMUS), Belgrade Summer festival (BELEF), Belgrade international review of composers, Belgrade organ festival, Belgrade harpsichord festival, Belgrade early music festival, Baroque music days Novi Sad, Salzkammergut Festwochen (Austria), Timisoara Early Music Festival (Romania), Carniarmonie (Italy), Nei suoni dei luochi (Italy).
For eight years Katarina Popović was employed as a violin teacher in the School for musically gifted children in Ćuprija,Serbia with noticed pedagogical results. Her students won a number of prizes on music competitions in Serbia.

Nemanja Stanković

Assistant professor of Chamber music (work with string instruments ensembles)


NemanjaStanković is the Assistant professor at the Faculty od Music in Belgrade (Chamber music department). Since 2011, he performs as the principal cellist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.
He was born in Kragujevac (Serbia) where he completed the Secondary School of Music in the class of BožaSaramandić, as the valedictorian. In 2009, he graduated as the best student of the year from the Belgrade Faculty of Music, where he studied with Sandra Belić. He was trained by NataliaGutman at the Vienna Conservatory, where he earned his “Master of Arts” degree with the highest honours. Nemanja completed his post-graduate studies at the “Mozarteum” University in Salzburg (Austria) with Enrico Bronzi, as well as at the “Scuola di musica di Fiesole” (Florence, Italy) in the class of Natalia Gutmanand Elizabeth Wilson. On March 2015, Nemanja earned “Doctor of Arts” degree at the University of Arts in Belgrade.
Stanković has performed as a soloist with Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, RTS Symphony Orchestra, CamerataSerbica, Orchestra GiovanileItaliana, “Czech Virtuosi”, St George Strings, “DušanSkovran” Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Bitola, Belgrade Faculty of Music Philharmonic Orchestra, ChristianstadSymphoniker, “Norbal”, and collaborated with conductors Rafael Payare, FabriceBollon, Denis Shapovalov, Noam Zur, BojanSuđić, BiljanaRadovanović, Le Phi Phi, Nicola Paszkowski…
Since September 2017, NemanjaStanković is a member of the ensemble Trio Immersio. They have played concerts in USA, Canada, Japan, Austria, Denmark, Turkey, France, Belgium, Croatia. Stanković has also performed in chamber music ensembles with renowned artists, such as YuryRevich, Sandra Belić, Jan Vogler, NemanjaRadulović, StankoMadić, TijanaMilošević, Gabriel Feltz, Quartetto “Noûs”.
Stanković boasts remarkable appearances at international festivals: “AlpenClassica”, “Note di Primavera” (Italy), “BEMUS” (Serbia), Belgrade “Cello Fest”.
He is named as “The young artist of the 2017” by the magazine “MuzikaKlasika”.

Ivan Knežević

Assistant professor of Chamber music (for work with string instruments ensembles)