Head of the Department

Dimitrije Golemović PhD

Full professor of Ethnomusicology


He studied at the Music Academy in Belgrade, еthnomusicology, composition and solo singing, and he got MA and PhD in ethnomusicology. Since 1979 he has been employed at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, as a teacher for the ethnomusicology.

ETHNOMUSICOLOGY: Field work. He visited a few hundreds of villages in the territories of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Bibliography and discography. He is author of 108 scientific papers and 8 books in the field of ethnomusicology, as well as a series of audio edition. The books were published by several publishers: Ethnographic Institute SANU (two books), Library XX century (two books), Ethnological Library, and American publisher Scarecrow Press. Compact discs published at home and abroad, and the two of them published by the Ethnographic Museum in Geneva. Conferences and visits. He has participated in numerous conferences in the country and abroad, and has repeatedly lectured at universities in Europe (Aristotle University / Thessaloniki, Hoshschule für Music and Performing Arts / Wien) and in America (University of Chicago and Northwestern University / Chicago)

COMPOSITION: Vocal music. About forty choral compositions and solo songs. Spiritual music. "Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts," for solo tenor, baritone and mixed choir, 1998; "Hiram Testament", oratorio for soloists, choir and orchestra, on his own libretto, 2004; "God With Us," for solo baritone and mixed choir, 2007; "Our Lady, maiden," for female choir, 2014. Instrumental music. "T'n" for harpsichord, 2013; "Mjel perdut" / "Lost Lamb" for solo violin and string orchestra, 2012. Vocal-instrumental music. "Gypsy Songs" for soprano and piano, 1992; "Homeland songs", for soprano and string orchestra, 1995; "Drina, water ...", cantata for solo soprano, tenor solo, mixed choir, string orchestra and percussions, 2011. Vocal- instrumental stage music.

Head of the Department Council

Selena Rakočević PhD

Associate professor of Ethnomusicology

E-mail: selena@rakocevic.rs

Associated professor Selena Rakočević is a lecturer at the Department of ethnomusicology on the subject Ethnochoreology. She is the author of number of scholarly articles, four CD and DVD publications and five books: Vocal Tradition of the Serbs in the Surroundings of the city of Pančevo (1999); Vocal Tradition of the Serbs in Lower Banat (2002), Interweaving Dance Structures (2011), Dance traditions of the Serbs in Banat (2012) and, Festival as a strategy of dialog: Ten years of ETHNO.COM (2014).

The fields of her pedagogical and research interests are focused on musical and dance tradition of Banat in the light of the multicultural and multi-ethnic context and, history of ethnochoreology as an autonomous scholarly discipline. She is a member of the Board of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe and the Board of the Centre for Research and Revival of Traditional Dances of Serbia.

Mirjana Zakić PhD

Associate professor of Ethnomusicology

Phone: +381 63 266 210
E-mail: mira.zakic@gmail.com

Dr Mirjana Zakić graduated at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Department of Ethnomusicology. She was awarded a prize of the Faculty’s fund “Aleksandar Djorjević” for her final examination study “Diple of Old Montenegro”. During her studies she was a one-year fellowship holder of the Republic Community for the International Cooperation and specialized in the field of ethnomusicology at the Conservatory “P. I. Tchaikovsky” in Moscow.

At the Faculty of Music in Belgrade she successfully defended her M.A. thesis “Instrumental and vocal-instrumental heritage of Zaplanje region in the light of traditional music opinion”, as well as her doctoral dissertation “Ceremonial songs of winter season- systems of music signs in the tradition of the southeastern Serbia” (written under the mentorship of professor Dragoslav Dević).

Since 1990 she has been employed at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.
She is the chairman of the “Serbian Society of Ethnomusicology” since its establishment in 2002.
She was the Vice dean at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (2012-2015).

Sanja Radinović PhD

Assistant professor of Ethnomusicology

Phone: +381 65 213 09 96
E-mail: radinovicsanja62@gmail.com

She has been employed at Department for Ethnomusicology of FoM in Belgrade since 1989, as a docent since 2007. There she accomplished her bachelor, master and doctoral degrees under the mentorship of professor PhD Dragoslav Dević.
She defended her doctoral thesis in 2007 and published it in 2011, under the title Оblik i reč [Form and Word]. In 2012 the book got prestigious “Mile Nedeljković“ Award, as the best study in the field of contemporary Serbian folkloristics published in 2011.

She is the author of some sixty works, presented in symposiums in country and abroad and published in the collections of works from scientific meetings and in domestic and foreign scientific journals alike, such as Studia Musicologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae – an International Journal of Musicology (Budapest), Makedonski folklor (Skoplje), New Sound (Belgrade), Musicologia (Belgrade), Zbornik Matice srpske za scenske umetnosti i muziku (Novi Sad), Glasnik Etnografskog muzeja (Belgrade), Muzički talas (Belgrade), and others. Her works are devoted primarily to the Serbian vocal heritage, mostly to morphological characteristics of Serbian folk songs, analytical methodology, old Serbian two-part singing and the forms of old ritual layer. She also deals with the issues of rhythm, the history of Serbian ethnomusicology, sevdalinka and the spiritual music of various traditions.

So far, she has been the mentor for bachelor and master degrees to 13 students. Dozen seminar works of her students have been published in various Serbian scientific journals and conference proceedings. She established the practice of transcription and analysis of Serbian vocal forms, in which she was engaged for many years in her work with numerous generations of students of bachelor studies at the Department of Ethnomusicology at the FoM. She has also worked as a part time lecturer in academic institutions in Priština/Varvarin, Kragujevac and Istočno Sarajevo.

Mladen Marković PhD

Assistant professor of Ethnomusicology

Phone: +381 63 277 728
E-mail: mladenmarkovich@gmail.com

Born in 1961. in Belgrade. In 1980. graduated from High School of Music Mokranjac (department for violin) as well as High School of Mathematics. Next year he begun studies of ethnomusicology in the class of prof. Dragoslav Dević. The studies finished a year before the regular term, and set on his teaching carrier in nearby town of Grocka (in high school), followed by music classes in Batajnica (grade school) and, since 1988, position of research assistant for ethnomusicology on Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. The same year he defended his master thesis under the mentorship of prof. Dević.

Since 1990. he`s been working on Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, at the Department for Musicology and Ethnomusicology (later divided into two departments, currently working at the Department of Ethnomusicology). He received his Ph.D. from prof. Dimitrije Golemović (current Head of the Department for Ethnomusicology on FMA). Mr. Marković is teaching on all levels of studying at the Faculty, and his work includes courses comprising general ethnomusicology, the history of science, folk music instruments, as well as particular genres of Serbian popular music and world music. Besides his work on Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, Mr Marković teaches also on University of Niš (general course of ethnomusicology), and is engaged as a visiting professor on University of Sts. Ciril and Methodius in Skoplje, Macedonia (courses on history of popular music). Mr Marković is the author of a larger number of studies on folk music instruments (especially instrumental ensembles), history and philosophy of ethnomusicology, historical aspects of popular music, computer-aided researches in ethnomusicology (including tonometry) etc.

Sanja Ranković PhD

Assistant professor of Ethnomusicology (for subject Traditional national singing and playing)

E-mail: sanjaetno@gmail.com

Sanja Ranković graduated at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade (1994) from the Department of Ethnomusicology. She defended her PhD thesis in 2013, at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade too (under mentorship of professor Mirjana Zakić).
In 1993, she started a female singing group MOBA. In 1994, she started working as an ethnomusicologist in the National Ensemble “KOLO“. She started the Department of Traditional Serbian Singing and Playing at the Music school “Mokranjac” (1995) and was the first professor of traditional singing in Serbia. She has had notable performances in Serbia (author of traditional music concerts BEMUS in 2007, and in 2010) and abroad.

Since 1998, she has also been teaching traditional singing to the students of the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade at the Department of Ethnomusicology. Since 2013 Sanja Ranković is an assistant professor at the Department of Ethnomusicology. In 2012 students of her class won two first prizes and one second prize at the Optina Spring competition (Russia), and laureate (2016) and one second prize (2012) at the International Voice Competition in Braila (Romania).

She was the author of two full – length musical stage plays, which were performed at the National Theatre in Belgrade and one in Switzerland. She has delivered numerous lectures, seminars, and workshops in the country, as well as abroad (Switzerland, Germany, France, Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Canada, Poland etc.).

She has directed her scientific – research work to studying vocal practices. She collaborates on ethnomusicological projects of Matica srpska from Novi Sad and Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade.
Sanja Rankovic was awarded with the recognition of Association of Music and Ballet Pedagogues of Serbia for the successful annual (2001) and perennial (2006) pedagogical work. She is an active member of the Serbian Ethnomusicological Society, CIOTIS and International Association of ICTM.

Dunja Njaradi PhD

Assistant professor of Ethnochoreology (Ethnology and Ethnochoreology)

E-mail: dunjanjaradi@fmu.bg.ac.rs

Dunja Njaradi: BA Ethnology and Anthropology, University of Belgrade; MA Slavonic Studies, University of Nottingham, UK; PhD Theatre Studies Lancaster University UK.

Dunja Njaradi is dance anthropologist interested in traditional dances, social dances and religious performances. She has an extensive teaching experience in various subjects such as drama, theatre, and anthropology. Throughout her career Dunja Njaradi received many scholarships and awards including Overseas Research Studentship (ORS) for PhD studies (2007-2010), Lancaster University; DanceWeb scholarship within the framework of ImpulzTanz Vienna (2009); and Junior Fellowship at IAS CEU in Budapest (2016/17). Dunja Njaradi is book editor of the Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities. She published Backstage Economies: Labour and Masculinities in Contemporary European Dance with Chester University Press in 2014. She is currently teaching ethnology, anthropology and ethnochoreology at the Department for Ethnomusicology at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade.

Iva Nenić PhD

Assistant professor of Ethnomusicology

E-mail: iva@fmu.bg.ac.rs

Professor of ethnomusicology and tutor at the Faculty of Music, lecturer at the Interdisciplinary studies at the University of Arts, Belgrade.

Academic training and degrees
Formal: MMus in Ethnomusicology (2004), MPhil in Theory of arts and media (2009), PhD in Ethnomusicology (2015) at the University of Arts in Belgrade.
Additional education: one-year programs of advanced undergraduate studies (Belgrade Open School, 2003) and gender studies (Women’s Studies Center, Belgrade, 2002), doctoral workshop “Current trends in ethnomusicological research” (Hildesheim, 2012).

Fields of competence
Cultural studies of music, social and cultural critical theory, music and identification, music, transgenerationalism and cultural memory, social regimes of gender, popular music studies, theory of ideology, ethnography and fieldwork, digital humanities, music and media, popular culture and utopia/dystopia

Research interests

Iva’s research is concerned with the way music practices give rise to ideology and help enact social identities, with a focus on gender reproduction/contestation and the politics of intersectionality. Her field experience stretches from folk music of Serbia to the superculture of local and global world music, female musicianship in Serbian and regional independent music scenes, Balkan-based hip hop and shared popular culture of post-Yugoslav pop folk. Her research is also related to the relation between ideological interpellation and affective practices, epistemology of fieldwork, translation of field experience into ethnography, and regimes of representation in ethnomusicology and related disciplines. Iva’s work examines the topography of popular culture in early 21st century after postmodernity, with an emphasis on issues of transgression, agency and power distribution.
Iva has published numerous scholarly articles, chapters and essays, and translated several studies and two books related to philosophy, music and culture.
Her first monograph, Deregulation of the Canon, identification by Sound: female players of traditional instruments in Serbia is about to be released by Serbian publisher CLIO.

Secretary of the Department

Zdravko Ranisavljević

Teaching assistant for Ethnochoreology

Phone: +381 63 84 26 318
E-mail: ranisavljevicz@yahoo.com

Zdravko Ranisavljević (Sremska Mitrovica, 23rd October 1981) received his master’s degree from the Department of Ethnomusicology of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in 2008. He is currently in the final year of his doctoral studies at the same Department. Since 2004 till 2015 he has been teaching Folk Dance at the Mokranjac Music School in Belgrade and since October 2010 he has also been employed at the Department of Ethnomusicology of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

He is the President of the Center for Research and Revitalization of Traditional Dances of Serbia, where he edits music and dance for the purposes of seminars organized by the Center. Since 2009 he has worked as a research assistant on the projects of the Serbian National Ensemble Kolo. He is the Artistic Director of the folk orchestra of the Stanko Paunović cultural-artistic society from Pančevo, one of the more eminent societies of this kind in Serbia today, and the expert consultant for the folk orchestra of the Kosta Abrašević cultural-artistic society from Bačka Palanka. He is the recipient of over a dozen gold plaques and special prizes for music arrangement at choreographed folklore festivals in Serbia, the region and the diaspora.

He is an active member of ICTM and ICKL, renowned international organizations for the study of traditional music and dance. Since 2006 he has participated in several symposiums organized by these associations, where he represented current Serbian ethnochoreological and ethnomusicological practice. He has authored several scholarly papers in the fields of ethnochoreology and applied ethnomusicology and participated in numerous ethnochoreological/ethnomusicological symposiums and seminars in the country and abroad. He was included in a few EU project – the field of Culture, in the last five years.

Ana Petrović

Lecturer of Ethnomusicology


Ana Petrović graduated BA and MA ethnomusicology studies (2006-2012) at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (FoM). She is currently on the doctoral studies on the same Faculty and as from July 5th 2017 Senate of the University of Arts in Belgrade officially approved her work on the doctoral dissertation The influence of the components of musical articulation on shaping the vocal dialect of Serbs from the Pešter plateau, menthor – associated professor Dr. MirjanaZakić.

Her Master thesis was defended on September 2012 mentored by the same professor.

In her scientific focus are components of musical articulation in traditional vocal performances. She assisted in preparation of several student concerts.

She is member of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM), Study group for music and dance in the Southeastern Europe since 2014. She regularly participates on the symposiums.

During 2014.she participated on the International Summer Academy (ISA) organized by the University for music and performing arts in Vienna.

2017. Ana was elected as one (out of sixteen) ethnomusicology PhD students to participate on the 9th doctoral workshop for the ethnomusicology students in Hildesheim, Germany. The workshop was organized by the Center for World Music in Hildesheim, University in Hildesheim and Hanover University of Music.

Since 2011.up to 2019. Ana was employed as the International Relations Coordinator at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, primarily working on the Tempus and Erasmus + projects.