prof. Ljiljana Nestorovska, MMus

Phone: + 381 11 362 11 70

Artistic and teaching activities are the main strongholds of Professor Ljiljana Nestorovskaendeavors. Her work embodiesthat rare and precious blend of artistic talent, performance qualities and teaching skills. Professor Nestorovska is a top-level pedagogue who not only brought about the Faculty of Music’s harp class to the highest-ranked one in the region and one of the best in Europe, but also vastly raised interest in this instrument in Serbia and neighboring countries by enhancing the methods of harp teaching and corresponding subjects. Her work significantly contributes to the prestige of the Faculty of music in country and abroad. She is the double recipient of the Acknowledgement for the exceptional contribution to the Faculty of Music’s development (1999 and 2013), as well as the University of Arts in Belgrade Silver Medal (2003).

Ljiljana Nestorovska MMus has been working at the Faculty of Music since 1997, when she was elected as the assistant professor for harp and chamber music, and since 2010 she is acting as a full time professor.During this time, over 20 students earned their bachelor degree in her class, while 6 got their master’s, 2 specialized and 4 magister degrees. Seven students of these were awarded Ministry of education scholarship for scientific and artistic youth. Ljiljana Nestorovska’s students won over 130 awards at national and international competitions. Majority of her former students and pupils are successful orchestra musicians or harp professors in the country and abroad, whilemore than 10 of them had been awarded prestigious international scholarship grants for postgraduate studies.

Alongside her pedagogic work Ljiljana Nestorovska has realized a very successful concert career. Among her numerous performances, the following ones can be particularly singled out: World Harp Congresses in Geneva, Vancouver and Sidney, Northern Lyre Festival in St. Petersburg International Review of Composers, concerts at International Harp Festival in Belgrade, Harp Festival in Rio de Janeiro, festivals BEMUS, NOMUS, NIMUS in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš respectively, Festival “Baš-čaršijske noći“in Sarajevo, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, and many others. As a soloist, she performed with more that 10 orchestras, with Academic Choir “Collegium Musicum”, and with conductors Bojan Suđić, Darinka Matić Marović, Biljana Radovanović, Vesna Šouc, Dragana Jovanović, Vladimir Kranjčević, Uroš Lajovic, Ken Hsieh, among many others. She regularly performs in various chamber ensembles, among which duos with Ljubiša Jovanović, Ljudmila Gros Popović and Belgrade Harp Quartet stand out. She is a longstanding collaborator of numerous orchestras (Belgrade Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra of Radio Television of Serbia, Camerata Serbica, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, St. George Strings, Symphony and opera orchestra of Sarajevo, Symphony orchestra of Montenegro, etc.).

Particularly notable is her longstanding collaboration with composers in Serbia, inspiring them for composing for harp and chamber ensembles with harp (with Srdjan Hofman, Svetislav Božić, Milan Mihajlović, Isidora Žebeljan, Vladimir Tošić, Dragana Jovanović, among others). Many composers have dedicated their works to prof. Nestorovska and she regularly performs them on concerts. Apart from her intense artistic and teaching activity, prof. Ljiljana Nestorovska actively contributes to the work in the academic and wider community. She is a valuable and reliable member of Faculty’s bodies and those of many other institutions. She was a member of the Faculty of Music Council (2002–2005), Staff Committee (from 2005) and Head of the Poly-Instrumental Department (2005–2015).

Prof. Ljiljana Nestorovska is the dean of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade since 2015, currently on her second mandate. She is also a longstanding president of the Poly-instrumental section of the Association of music and ballet teachers, member of the Harpist Association presidency and one of the founders and managers of Belgrade International Harp Festival.

Vice dean for teaching

prof. Ivan Brkljačić, D.M.A.

Phone: + 381 11 362 11 70

Ivan Brkljačić was born on 28th February 1977 in Belgrade. He graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Music, Department of composition and orchestration, in the class of full-time Professor Srđan Hofman. He obtained his Master Degree in composition at the same faculty in 2005, in the class of full-time Professor Zoran Erić and in 2012 successfully defended his doctoral art project entitled Istar – Cycle of Nascent Music Caricatures for the Performing in a Theater Scenery, mentored by full-time Prof. Srdjan Hofman.

Ivan Brkljačić’s compositions have been performed many times in Belgrade and other towns in Serbia and two such performances have stood out recently. The premiere of IT! at the Kolarac Hall, with Aleksandar Šandorov, Bojan Suđić and the Symphony Orchestra of RTS, as well as the premiere of the instrumental theater Istar in the open space of Nebojša Tower at Kalemegdan. Also, his compositions were performed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Germany, Croatia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, France, Romania, Hungary, Japan and Australia (in 2010 the composition Jinx, performed by Australian Modern Music Ensemble and conducted by Daryl Pratt opened The New Music Days in Sydney). He wrote commissioned compositions for Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, choir Collegium Musicum, European project MUSMA, festivals Bemus and Belef, Slovenian ensembles Slavko Osterc and 4Saxess, trio Pokret (Movement), trio Tembr, quartet Mokranjac, trio Singidunum, Construction Site New Music Ensemble, trio Donne di Belgrado, etc. He cooperated with international ensembles such as Ostravská Banda from the Czech Republic, Blindman from Belgium, L’Ensemble Portmanto from Canada, etc.

Ivan Brkljačić composed music for numerous theater plays, staged at Atelje 212, Belgrade Drama Theatre, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, The National Theatre, Bitef Theatre, etc., as well as the theaters in Zrenjanin, Vršac, Subotica, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Budapest and Erlangen in Germany.
Brkljačić is the author of music for the feature film Redemption Street (Ustanička ulica), directed by Miroslav Terzić

From 1999 he was employed as a teacher of the music form analysis in the Secondary Music School Mokranjac in Belgrade. From the academic year 2005/06 he worked as a Teaching Assistant, from 2010/2011 as an Assistant Professor and since 2015/2016 he has been an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade at the Department for Music Theory.

He acts as the selector of the program for the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th International Review of Composers. He is the creator of the new concept of the Review which has been presented since 2007 under new slogans Retrospection, New miniatures, The echoes of space - homage to Ljubica Marić and Vasilije Mokranjac, Music and theatre, Splendour of the Voice, Musical Construction Site, Step into the unusual, Mokranjac Award Jubilee and Music Box.

He has been granted the following awards:
- Mokranjac Prize for the year 2005, for his composition When the Curtain Rises SEVEN Times, for symphony orchestra
- 41st Sofest festival statuette (2012) for the best originally composed music, for the film Redemption Street
- The annual award of the magazine Muzika klasika (Musica Classica) for 2012 in the category of Applied Music (for the film Redemption Street)

He has been a member of Composers’ Association of Serbia since 2001.

Vice dean for artistic work

prof. Aneta Ilić, MMus

Phone: + 381 11 362 11 70

Aneta Ilić rightfully belongs among the leading vocal interpreters of Serbian musical scene, and has performed extensively during the past number of years, with highly acclaimed professional appearances both in Serbia and abroad.
She is a graduate of Belgrade University, Faculty of Music, from the class of prof. Biserka Cvejić, with a dual major in Music theory and pedagogy. She has also completed her Masters in music, as a vocalist, with prof. Irina Arsikin at the same university, Department of Vocal performance. Since 2000 Aneta Ilić is teaching vocal performance at Vocal Studies Department in the capacity of Associate Professor.
She is a recipient of several of the highest prizes on national competitions and most notably was awarded a prestigious award from the Association UMUS, a Serbian Association of music artists, for "The best concert" in 2005, and City of Belgrade Annual Award 2010 for music and music performance art.
Her wide repertoire ranges from the Early Baroque to the music of 21st Century. A special part of her artistic activity lies in promoting and performing a wide range of Serbian Music, both classical heritage and contemporary pieces.
Aneta is a soloist with the Ensemble "Renesans" and a member of "Ensemble for new music", as well as a trio "Donne di Belgrado", an ensemble that promotes contemporary music and has many Serbian composers written music for it, with all of whom she has performed in the country as well as internationally.
Aneta has given numerous vocal recitals with acclaimed pianists Dejan Sinadinović and Vladimir Stojnić performing various repertoires from musical epochs of Baroque, Romanticism, Impressionism and 20th Century music.
As a soloist, she has performed the most notable parts of grandiose musical pieces such as cantatas, requiems and masses.
As an opera singer, Aneta Ilić has performed the title role in Carl Orff's opera "Die Kluge", Despina in W.A. Mozart's "Cossi fan tutte", and Sostrata in "Mandragola" by Ivan Jevtic, all staged and produced by the Chamber Opera ''Madlenianum'' in Belgrade. She also appeared in the role of "Mrs. T" in Michael Hyman's chamber opera "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat", an opera that was staged within Belgrade Theatre Festival, 2001. Aneta played the role of Eurydice in "Orphee et Eurydice" by C.W. Gluck at the most prominent music festival in Serbia – BEMUS, 2005. At the National Theatre stage, she performed Susane in "Le nozze di Figaro" by Mozart 2010. In summer of 2012, she created the role of Padme, for the world premiere of the opera "Two heads and a girl" by Isidora Zebeljan at the Settimana Musicale Senese Festival in Siena, Italy.
Produced by Swedish Theatre "Confidancen", Aneta was a featured soloist for three consecutive seasons (2005-2007) in a Baroque theatre play "Divertimenti di Confidance".
Notable appearances have been made by Aneta on the stage of renowned Muziekgebouwaan' Tij performing works of Marius Flothuis, Isidora Žebeljan and Ljubica Marić.
Collaborations with notable conductors include such names as Leopold Hager, David Porcelijn, Uroš Lajovic, Vladimir Kranjčević, Bojan Suđić... Aneta has performed as a soloist with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Radio-Television Belgrade Symphony Orchestra, Munich Philharmonic Soloists Ensemble, "Dušan Skovran" chamber orchestra, the "St. George String Orchestra" and made numerous recordings for radio and television, including a CD of Isidora Žebeljan's music with Brodski Quartet 2011, and "Little Box" CD with Donne di Belgrado trio in 2012. Aneta has performed in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Croatia and Slovenia.

The critiques have said about Aneta Ilić 's interpretations:
"...We underline the fact that existence of Aneta Ilić on our musical scene represents a real gem. With flawless intonation and precise execution, intelligent and imaginative, Aneta Ilić not only has a voice of a unique and recognizable color, but intellectual and spiritual strength as well, that is manifested in its full potential and devoted to that "musical NOW"..."
09. December 2003, Katarina Tomašević, Radio Belgrade II

"... Aneta Ilić... has truly followed all of the emotional subtleties in balanced registers of great interpretative power, in an absolutely precise intonation, and endless rows of intricately crafted passages transcending genuine musicality..."
25. April 2008, Gordana Krajačić, "Borba"

Student Vice dean

Jelena Stevanović

Phone: +381 64 41 31 939

Јелена Стевановић рођена је 24. августа 1996. године у Београду, Србија. Основну школу ,,Свети Сава“ уписала је 2004. године и завршила у свом родном граду и на завршетку стекла Вукову диплому. Упоредо је завршавала и Основну музичку школу ,,Јосиф Маринковић“ – одсек за клавир. Као ученица Музичке школе ,,Јосиф Маринковић“, наступала је на многобројним концертима и освајала награде на такмичењима из области камерне музике.

Након основне школе, 2011. године уписала је Трећу београдску гимназију, природно-математички смер, као и Средњу музичку школу ,,Јосиф Маринковић“, вокално-инструментални одсек – клавир. 2012. године уписала је и соло певање у истој школи у којој је учила и клавир.Као ученица Музичке школе ,,Јосиф Маринковић“, остварила је бројне наступе, у оквиру школе и ван ње, као и награде на Међународном такмичењу ,,Даворин Јенко“ (друга награда) у Београду и Републичком такмичењу (друга награда), област – камерна музика. Трећу београдску гимназију завршила је са одличним успехом, док је Музичку школу ,,Јосиф Маринковић“ завршила са свим петицама.

Након средње школе, 2015. године уписује Факултет музичке уметности у Београду, на студијском програму Музичка педагогија. Одмах након уписа на Факултет, постаје члан Академског хора Collegium musicum, са којим је учествовала на бројним концертима широм државе и ван ње, као и на бројним пројектима, међу којима је и снимање компакт диска ,,Три боје Мокрањца“. Током студија почиње да се занима за менаџмент и организацију у култури, те 2016. стиче праксу у Школи мјузикла ,,Еудвен“, где је имала прилику да учи о организацији музичко-сценских догађаја. За време студија, сваке године студија је посећивала Педагошки форум сценских уметности, а 2018. и 2019. године учествовала је у организаццији Форума студената сценских уметности.

2017. године прошла је тест који јој је омогућио да добије Стипендију за изузетно надарене студенте Министарства просвете, науке и технолошког развоја. Стипендија јој је омогућила да усаврши своје знање енглеског језика и стекне Кембриџ диплому Certificate in Advance English (2018) издату од стране British Council, као и да оде на летњу школу (2018) у Лувену (Белгија) у организацији LUCA School of Music, где је имала прилику да учи и да свој допринос у пракси на тему Community music.

У оквиру предмета Педагошко-извођачке функције мјузикла, са својим колегама учествовала је у мјузиклу ,,Моје песме, моји снови“, који је премијерно изведен у Омладинском позоришту ,,Дадов“, а затим у Установи културе ,,Вук“, као и на гостовањима у Загребу и Сарајеву. У оквиру предмета Реализација мјузикла у функцији интегрисане наставе, учествовала је у мјузиклу ,,Мачке“, који је премијерно изведен у Установи културе ,,Чукарица“.

2019. године је са својим колегиницама написала рад на тему Community musicса којим је учествовала на Међународном форуму студената глазбене педагогије у Пули, као и на Креативној радионици ,,Подијелимо знање“ у Сарајеву. Од новембра 2018. године члан је Канцеларије за младе ГО Врачар, са којом је учествовала у неколико пројеката у којима је дала свој допринос. 2019. године почиње да стиче праксу у педагошком раду у оквиру Музичке радионице ,,Кућерак маште“, као и у оквиру праксе у Музичкој радионици ,,Чаробна фрула“. Основне Акадмске студије завршила је 30. јуна 2019. године са просечном оценом 9,82, а септембра 2019. положила пријемни испит за Мастер Академске студије на Факултету музичке уметности у Београду, Одсек за музичку педагогију.