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Students Concerts


May 2010.


At this years’ annual concert, students from the Department for ethnomusicology performed at FoM Grand Hall, on May 26th. Sanja Ranković (signing parts), Mirjana Zakić, PhD (instrumental parts) and Selena Rakočević, PhD (dance parts) created this“public class“. For the first time, parts of the traditional dance were performed with “live“ instrumental accompaniment and instruental parts that students played at kaval, bagpipes, cevari, fife and ocarine. Students performed wearing national folk costumes and they sang songs from Kosovo, Visoka, Soko Banja, Topola, Rače Kragujevačke, Bačkog Gračca, central Serbia, Bačka, Belopalanačko Polje, Bosnia and Han region. This traditionl annual students’ concerts have been organised for the past ten years and Olivera Vasić and Sanja create the program.
Students from the class of professor Dragana Stojanović Novičić, PhD, who attend History of music 5 held a concert And this is history of music! at FoM, on May 25th. Concert was led by two students, and other participants talked about the pieces they performed during the concert. Program included soloists and chamber pieces of ”classic” and experimental Serbian, European and American 20th and 21st century music (for piano, two pianos, prepared piano, string piano, guitar, violin, harp and voice), pieces from operas, soundtracks and students compositions. Ludmila Frajt, Aleksandar Obradović, Konstantin Babić, Miodrag Govedarica, Vladan Radovanović, Svetislav Božić, Predrag Repanić, Dušan Bogdanović, Miloš Raičković, Lazar Ostojić, Vladimir Korać are Serbian authors whose pieces were performed likewise pieces by Jonh Cage, Carlos Salcedo, Paulo Hindemith, Henry Kauel, Manuela de Falla, Sergej Prokofiev, Ottorino Respighi, Sergej Rachmaninoff, George Gershwin, Jacomo Puccini, Josef Kosma and György Sándor Ligeti .
Pianist Sanja Prgonjić, III year of studies in the class of associate professor Marija Đukić, had a soloist concert at Artget gallery on May 24th.
Students from the Department for singing had a concert on May 17th at Artget gallery. Olivera Tičević, Jelena Banković, Aleksandar Novaković, Ana Radovanović and Iva Profaca, all students from class of professor Aneta Ilić sang at this concert where they had piano accompaniment by Vladimir Stojnić. Pieces by Ravel, De Falla, Puccini, Rossini, Mahler and Schubert were performed at this event.
Miona Backović, percussion postgraduate student performed as a soloist at the concert of Belgrade wind orchestra held at Kolarac Grand Hall on May 16th. She performed Concerto for marimba by Alferd Reed.







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