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The Academic Choir

"Collegium Musicum"






The Academic choir "Collegium musicum" was founded in 1971, and it has consisted of girl students of the Belgrade Faculty of Music ever since. From the beginning, the artistic leader and conductor of the choir has been, and still is, Darinka Matic-Marovic professor of conducting of the Belgrade Faculty of Music Art.
"Collegium musicum" is certainly one of the most eminent choirs in Serbia. It gained its reputation by performing at around 2500 concertos all over the country and world. It was listened by the audience of Serbia, in over 30 countries and in capital cities of Italy, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Republic of Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Hungary and audience of Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Letonia etc. It has recorded five LP-s for PGP Radio and Television of Belgrade, and some of the ever lasting records could be found in almost all big radio stations in Serbia, as well as in Norwegian Radio, RTV Mexico, RAI, Austrian RTV, BBC, Belgian Radio 3 and other radio and television stations.
"Collegium musicum" has received many acknowledgements and awards both in Serbia and abroad. Awards and prizes at international festivals: - the absolute first place for the performance of polyphonic music at
Arezzo, Italy
- the absolute first place for the performance of polyphonic music at
Llangollen, Great Britain
- the first prize in national category at International competition in
Llangollen, Great Britain
- the BBC prize
- two golden medals at the tenth World Festival of Youth and
Students in East Berlin
- the absolute first place for the performance of polyphonic music at
International Festival in Gorizia, Italy
- Special award for the performing of polyphonic music in Gorizia, Italy
- the First prize for the performance of national music in Gorizia,
- the First Prize for the performance of polyphonic music at
International Competition in Torrevieja, Spain in 1998.
- 93.7 points (the second prize) at International Contest of Maasmechelen, Belgium 1999.
- Gold medal in female category and Award for the best performance of folk songs at 6th Competition of Sacred Music in Preveza (Greece) 2000. Absolute first prize in polyphony and award for the best choir of the festival.
- Special prize of audience for interpretation and musical achievements at the 48th Choir Competition in Cork (Ireland) in 2002.
- First prize at 6th International Chorus Festival in Beijing (China) in 2002, as well as first prize for best performance of Chinese composition and for best conductor of the competition.
- The second prize at International festival of Orthodox music in Hajnowka (Poland) 2003. The festivals abroad: - the Prague Spring - Czech
- International Festival in Varna - Bulgaria
- the Festivals at Puebla and Tepozotlan in Mexico
- the Festival of Flanders in Gent - Belgium
- the Festival of Vocal Music in Brno - Czech
- the World Festival of Youth and Students in Havana - Cuba
- the "George Enescu" festival - Romania
- the "Festival weeks of Berlin" - Germany
- the Festival of sacred music in Palermo - Italy
- the Music days in Trieste - Italy
- the Festivals in Greece : Delfi, Levadia, Karditza, Atalandi, Kastoria, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Athens.
- The Festival of sacred music in Moscow; Days of Serbian Culture in St. Petersburg- Russia.
- The Festivals in Tour and Toulon - France The repertoire of choir offers the pieces from the 11th century (Hildegard von Bingen) up to contemporary and avant-garde music. Let us mention just some of the composers whose pieces are performed by this choir: Caplet, Bach, Handel, Rossini, Strauss, Britten, Panderetzki. The performance of some less known authors from China, Cuba, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, should also be mentioned and the fact that the performance was in their own languages, it could be said that the choir "speaks" lot of languages.
The freshness of the choir, its creative capacity and the high professional level has inspired many composers to dedicate their works to it. The choir in own history of over 37 years have all over 150 first performance.
As for the artistic achievements of the choir, music critics are unanimous in prizing extraordinary musicality and service of classical and contemporary music. “Magnificent girls of the Belgrade Collegium sang extraordinary, one of the most supreme performances of the competition" (Great Britain)





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