About Scientific Work at Faculty of Music

Music is a discipline that offers variety of challenging aspects of research in terms of art and humanities. The Faculty of Music appreciates quantity and width of scientific research, by encouraging quality and original scientific contributions. Scientific work in music and interdisciplinary research make the Faculty of Music the leading institution in the region.

Scientific work at the Faculty of Music has two significant aspects: impressive individual activity of all the researchers and clear focus on particular field of work. One of the strategic aims is supporting research efforts of the personnel achieved through active cooperation with the numerous institutions and experts. Many professors are active researchers and they have the leading roles in their fields of work. Their scientific contribution and originality of research are reflected in applying new and methodological approaches in musicology, ethnomusicology, ethnochoreology, music theory and music education. Faculty of Music has had a high reputation within the international academic society due to scientific achievements of their professors and associates.

Music research includes the intensive exchange of experience at the conferences and symposiums, papers in journals and numerous scientific publications, systematic publishing of monographs and collections of papers, organization of scientific lectures and workshops.