Faculty of music organizes concert activities of professors and students alike. Exceedingly fertile and diverse, with over 200 concerts per concert season, it takes place in the most prominent concert venues in Belgrade, such as those of Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade City Hall, Student Culture Centre and many others.

Faculty of Music has cooperation with several concert spaces in order to maintain dynamics of the concert production on high level. We are very grateful to our friends from the several institutions of culture:
  1. Museum of the National Theatre
  2. Students Cultural center
  3. Institution of culture “Parobrod”
  4. Children’s Cultural center
  5. Ilija M. Kolarac’s foundation concert hall
  6. National Library of Serbia
  7. Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra
  8. Institution of Culture “Vuk Karadžić”, scene “KULT”
  9. Center of Culture “Čukarica”
  10. Center of Culture Gornji Milanovac
  11. Center of Culture “House of King Petar”